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Mastermind Games is a hosting platform with unique features that will provide game studios, independent game developers, gamers, investors, collectors, musicians, or other various artists an opportunity to prosper by using blockchain technology. Mastermind Games has created a game-changing platform through innovative creations such as the Mastermind Games Marketplace, the Master EX Swap, the Mastermind Staking feature, and a convenient on/off ramp service. The marketplace will have many capabilities with the first and most important being the buying and selling of in-game assets as NFTs.

Games will now be able to sell basic or limited edition in-game items that gamers/users can purchase and use in their games. In-game purchases can now be sold whenever users desire to do so. With traditional games, those purchases were made and forgotten.
The marketplace will also allow for users to showcase their work and collaborate with others in the gaming industry offering endless networking opportunities. Fast and easy transactions on the Binance Smart Chain will be performed on the Mastermind EX Swap where users can conveniently purchase $MGA by swapping $BNB. Passive income can be earned by users staking $MGA in the Mastermind Staking Feature. This feature will have 30, 90, 180, and 365 day staking options with above normal yielding percentages. In order to bring blockchain technology to the gaming industry on a global scale, Mastermind Games will use an on/off ramp service for ease of entry for users. Mastermind Games will be capable of on-boarding any and all games, to include play to earn, pay to play, mint to play, free to play, and more. The goal is a hassle-free merge between blockchain and gaming that will create a more level playing field within the gaming industry.


Mastermind Games is an all-in-one solution for centralized gaming and trading while offering a wide array of valuable services from marketing to finance. Our mission is to take “Mastermind Games” to new heights by providing players with an innovative, user-friendly, all-in-one platform to provide all users an equal chance to manage and improve their financial security along with enjoying the games on the Mastermind Games platform. Mastermind Games future will be about our community and society of gamers. With our long-term-oriented projects & providing the choices of “fun” on Play2Earn, Free2Play, Pay2Play, Mint2Play©️ games and in-game Assets and bundles etc. We will keep focus and retain our investors by offering exclusive options and future contracts to support the gaming ecosystem.

  • Operating as a community-focused and community-driven digital asset, integrates decentralization
    feels into the ecosystem.
  • Providing a platform for investors to diversify their investments between various services like
    developer tools, Staking and Trading.
  • Providing tools and services to accelerate growth of start-up for developers.
  • Facilitating global growth by providing opportunity to financial independence for game enthusiasts.
  • Creation of a next-generation complete all-in-one platform.
  • Implementation of innovative digital projects and marketplace.


We envision a platform where gamers and developers can be unified with providing fun, along with equality and fairness for the ways gamers choose to invest on the contents. Mastermind Games aims cater everything they need in one gaming ecosystem. We also combined wealth-building strategies that were previously only available to accredited investors. With our platform, a new level of leverage is now submerged from traditional gaming and the revolutions of decentralized finance (DeFi) become available to everyone, restoring the people’s control over their finances in gaming. The Mastermind Games network constitutes an innovative ecosystem to attract more people to digital assets & various option of gaming while maintaining their privacy, security, authority and autonomy. Our objective is to increase global economic freedom for gaming enthusiast.


More focused on supporting and caring for community.


To be the world’s most crypto-centric gaming platform


Embarking on new wealth raising strategies worldwide

Our Team

Our team members always find effective ways to improve the project and process

Bubble T.




Tomo Bacurin

CEO - Founder - LONGPLAY C.O.O

Tomo Bacurin

CEO – Founder – LONGPLAY C.O.O


Team assistance - Administration


Team assistance – Administration


Games Platform Manager


Games Platform Manager

Our Partners

Partnership with Longplay Studio

Longplay studio is Mastermind Games exclusive partner. This state of the art studio will offer unique sounds, music and themes for the games at FREE of charge. Our game developers and music creators will be able to work closely with our partner and create the custom sounds that they are looking for, to be used within their games.