Mastermind Games

Frequently Asked Questions

If You have any query related to our Project "MASTER MIND GAMES" Please Check Our FAQs

Mastermind Games was created by our founder, Bubbletea, who came up with an amazing plan.  A plan to create a hosting platform that will essentially allow for any game to join the blockchain space, evolve, and not get left behind. Of course, building for the gamers this was of great interest to many. Blockchain is the future. Traditional games and their communities should be a part of it. Together, Bubbletea and Blackbeard have created an amazing team and a dedicated community that is looking forward to what the future of gaming with Mastermind Games will bring.

As a hosting platform, our goal is to introduce an entire industry to the world of blockchain technology, to make the transition as easy as possible and worry-free for everyone. Our platform will allow for blockchain adoption into any game on any platform if so desired. This will be done by game developers onboarding and offering in-game items to their community as NFTs that users can collect, buy, or sell using our marketplace, swap, on-ramp service, and in-game currency $GMA.

With the marketplace, users will be able to buy and sell NFTs that game developers have created to use within their games. Should you get tired of a certain skin for your gun, sell it and buy another. Remember, getting an NFT early at a cheaper price will be key for any limited edition NFTs. Plans also include a special section where musicians and other artists can offer their skills to the gaming community. More on that is coming in a future medium.

The purpose of the swap is to allow users the ability to easily swap to our currency token, $GMA. To avoid confusion and easy to understand. Our platform will utilize the Binance Smart Chain so users will be able to swap their $BNB for $MGA and vice versa.

There will be a 2% fee per transaction and DEX fee. We recommend adjusting slippage to 2.5%.

Yes, we have a roadmap which we called the "mindmap". We are almost at launch stages. You can buy $MGA by heading to our discord and following the steps in the presale channel or ask one of our team members for help. Our mindmap can be seen on our website @

Our OG NFT’s are going to play a huge role for the platform. We just completed an entire medium on this topic alone, please read it. There are 3 different OG NFTs. Currently the Igneous Edition is available with only 250 made for purchase. Each NFT will have it’s own perks/advantages. The single most significant advantage is the staking percentages. If you stake and hold an OG NFT, your return will be much higher than someone that is staking without holding an NFT. There are only 850 available for purchase. Because we are a games hosting platform, the OG NFTs will have special roles in early alpha/beta testing and the early access to the release if in-game assets as well.

Our purpose is to allow for ease of entry for game developers into this new space. There will be multiple on-boarding options to assist beginner or more established game developers with on-boarding to the platform. Refer to the Masterplan for more in-depth options for developers. If any developers wish to join our ever growing games hosting platform, head to partnership program and get in touch with the team.

Game developers will now have the ability to offer something new to their gaming communities, the opportunity for gamers to actually own in-game assets as an NFT.  This will give gamers a more leveled playing field and who in this day and age doesn’t want that? This can assist with revitalizing an old game and help promote a new game. Having a quality hosting platform for a developer to join in this new world without having to do all the hard work of creating a token and everything else it entails is key. Time and money is important, Mastermind Games will save time and make money for our game developers. Both game developers and gamers will have a fair platform to connect their games with each other without too much pressure from the middleman on game spending fees and revenue drained.

Our partnership program was created to make things easy for game developers to join the blockchain space. There will be multiple options to assist with on-boarding. Certain options may even allow up to 100% of the development costs to be supported by Mastermind Games. We want to work with developers and also reward them for their efforts. We will do whatever it takes to assist with their goals and aspirations. That is what we are here for, to be the best hosting platform we can be for all users.

Security is of the utmost importance to our team.  In order to keep a successful platform, safety and security must always be a number one concern.  All necessary audits and checks will be conducted in every area to ensure that users are engaging in a secure ecosystem.

All marketing has been conducted by the team and community up to this point. As we grow, our tokenomics will kick in and spending on marketing will occur. We will eventually hire a marketing manager, but the great thing about the Mastermind Games platform is that the on-boarded games, gamers and game developers will market themselves, which in turn will market Mastermind Games.