Mastermind Games



About Us

Gaming Ecosystem

Mastermind Games is a hybrid gaming ecosystem with the following
• Adventure modes and in-games contest. Including Mint2Play©, Play2Earn, Free2Play and  Pay2Play models.
• Provide Opportunity to game developers to become a part of gaming ecosystem.
• Buy and sell in-game items such as NFT.
• Complete quests & clear levels by fulfilling requirements.
• Games onboarding and updates.
• Digital Assets Rights Management & Digital Assets Exchange.
• Player Community Interaction & Database Protection.
• Mastermind Games allows players or token investors to compound their profits using our Earn & Burn platform.


Oh Shih-Tzu!

Join Bubbles the Shih-Tzu on his cutesy-goofy, side scrolling platform adventure, to collect the legendary donuts that have recently been awakened within his world. Use Bubbles’ handy bubble blaster and bubble jet pack to defeat foes and soar to new heights! Get ready for hilarious chaos because there is nothing Bubbles will let stand in the way of his love for donuts.

Be The 2nd Game On Our Platform

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Be The 3rd Game On Our Platform

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Be The 4th Game On Our Platform

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