Mastermind Games


This platform is designed to allow users to securely Swap Binance Coin (BNB), MGA, and others tokens without relying on 3rd party services or losing control over their private keys. As an decentralized exchange, all trades are automatically executed via smart contracts.

— completely eliminating counterparty risks.

There are many great reasons our users will love using Swap

Centralized exchanges (CEX) operate to facilitate the exchange of crypto currencies through purchases made by fiat or other cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency project will launch through a centralized exchange by providing liquidity, therefore allowing their token to be bought or sold on the exchange.

 The CEX now owns the token in a liquidity pool and opens the token for trading, achieving revenue from fees associated with trading and fees collected from token projects launching on their exchange. Taking this model, we have created a similar experience to easy entry into blockchain gaming while centering it around our tokens, primarily Mastermind Games Ascension token (MGA). There are certainly many ways to launch a token outside of centralized exchange, but token projects look to launch on these exchanges due to the larger user base which tend to offer a larger potential of growth.